"Dizionario francese Collins. Francese-italiano, italiano-francese" - Boroli Editore, 2010.

Il dizionario si rivolge agli studenti della scuola secondaria di secondo grado e a tutti colori che usano l'inglese per lavoro o per interesse personale, dando largo spazio al linguaggio quotidiano senza tuttavia trascurare le espressioni più formali.

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"Dizionario cinese. Italiano-cinese. Cinese-italiano" di Yuan Huaqing - Vallardi A., 2005.

Il dizionario di lingua cinese contemporanea contiene oltre 10.000 lemmi, la trascrizione in caratteri latini, due compendi grammaticali, gli esempi e i modi di dire.

"Erich ist verschwunden".

Erich hasn’t come home from school. Where is he? Has he run away? Has he been kidnapped? Erich’s parents are very worried, but Police Commissioner Gandolf is able to solve the mystery in his own unique way.

"Kaspar Hauser".

1829. A young man suddenly reappears in Nuremberg, after having been kept prisoner in a secret prison for seventeen years. Who kept him prisoner? And why?


A fascination with science and the aspiration to understand the mysteries of creation lead Victor Frankenstein to create life from death. But the results are not what he expects and his rejection of his monstrous creation causes dire consequences for himself and all the people he cares about.

"Der blonde Eckbert".

A romantic fairy-tale which rapidly transforms itself into the worst night mare, when the story’s main character wakes up summarising his life in one sentence, ‘Well, I have always been alone’. Der blonde Eckbert exemplifies all the main characteristics of the German Romanticism: from the fable-style description of nature to the gloomiest aspects of human existence.

"Albert Einstein".

This fascinating biography tells the amazing story of the great scientist Albert Einstein: his unhappy childhood, his abandonment of Germany, his life in Switzerland, his difficulty in having his work on the Theory of Relativity recognised. Einstein’s life is documented here not only for his contribution to science, but also for his pacifism and his participation in public life.

"Le Fantôme de l'Opéra".

In 1880 a legendary spectre haunts the famous Opera House in Paris. There are all sorts of rumours about the Phantom of the Opera, a sinister figure whose face remains hidden behind a grotesque mask...