"Enquête à Saint-Malo".

In an underwater excavation site under the lake of Saint-Malo in Brittany, there is the theft of an 18th-century treasure chest. Chief suspects are an archeologist and a diver. Three cousins, Sophie, Gaël and Loïc, accompanied by their dog Surcouf, decide to investigate…

"Une étrange disparition".

What is Lucille going to do at her grandmother’s house in Brittany? Lucille is very bored… until one day during a walk in the woods she has a strange meeting. The boring holidays rapidly change into the start of an exciting adventure.

"Les Fables de La Fontaine".

In three stories three characters teach us lessons: the tortoise ‘slowly but surely’ wins the race; the mouse becomes a ‘great little friend’ to the mighty lion; the country mouse prefers the quiet life back home to the luxury – and dangers – of the town

"Le Chat botté".

Dans un château près d’un petit village, vit un ogre qui terrorise les habitants. Un jeune homme, Daniel, rêve d’épouser la belle princesse, mais il est très pauvre, il n’a qu’un chat… parlant. Ce chat est aussi très rusé… Grâce à lui, le village sera délivré de l’ogre et Daniel trouvera le bonheur.

"La petite Sirène".

The little mermaid lives in a magical, beautiful world at the bottom of the sea, but she wants to see what the world above is like. When she goes up she falls in love with a human. What will the little mermaid have to do to be able to have a life in the world above with the man she loves?

"La Belle et la Bête".

A rich man suddenly becomes poor and he goes to live in the country with his children. One day he goes to the city on business. His daughters Rosalind and Hortensia ask him for expensive presents, but his other daughter, Beauty, only wants a rose. On his way back the man takes a rose from the garden of a castle. But the owner of the castle, a beast, becomes angry and demands something in exchange…

"The Story of Tea".

What is Camellia sinensis? How did tea help to start the American Revolution? And how are monkeys connected to tea? Find out the answer to these questions and more in the story of one of the world's most popular drinks.

"The Story of Popular Music".

Learn about the more important musical styles in Europe and North America from the middle ages to today. Read about the history of the minstrels and  troubadours, ragtime music, jazz, blues, rock, pop, rap, grunge and many more. It’s all here.

"The Story of Moving Pictures".

How did people make and watch films in the past? Do you know what magic lanterns or kinetoscopes were? Or nickelodeons or drive-ins? Find out in this book!

"The Story of Big Cities".

New York City, Tokyo, São Paolo, Mexico City and Mumbai are some of the biggest cities in the world today, but how did they become so big? What makes a city? When, how and why did people start building and living in cities? What are the tallest buildings in the world at the moment? Find out the answers to these questions and many others in this informative and interesting book.

"The Life and Times of Captain Cook".

Who was Captain Cook? Where did he go, and what did he discover? Find out about how, in less than 10 years, one man's discoveries were able to change our ideas about the world, and set sail on this exciting journey into the life and times of James Cook.