The Canterville ghost

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"The Canterville ghost" di Oscar Wilde. The Ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville crept along the corridor in thè darkness.
'Three hundred years ago I murdered my wife. Now I will do another terrible thing.' When Mr Hiram B. Otis decides to buy Canterville Chase, everyone tells him that he is crazy. The housc is haunted by a ghost. And when the American family come to live there, strange things begin to happen. A bloodstain that changes colour. Mysterious noises in thè night. A journey to the Garden of Death... Oscar Wilde's satirical ghost story is presented at a pre-intermediate level and offers a wide variety of activities. There is also a special playscript to enable students to dramatize thè story. The cassette contains a dramatic performance of the story and the extra listening activities linked to thè hook. An answer key including the tapescript is available separately. When the attrattive, wealthy Mr Bingley comes to live at Netherfield Hall, bringing his distinguished friend Mr Darcy with him, Mrs Bennet is delighted: she has five daughters to be married. However, things don't go as smoothly as she hoped: Mr Bingley abandons Jane, Mr Darcy clearly has no interest in Elizabeth, who dares to refuse Mr Collins's proposai of marriage. Jane Austen's masterpiece, published in 1813, is presented at intermediate level and offers a variety of activities and a wealth of informative